I am Ken Hartfield, Music Director for SRE. 
I would like to thank all of our awesome fans from the UK, Germany, North America and Mexico for your wonderful emails, we really appreciate your support!



Our recent song release of The Light, continues to attract music lovers internationally.  We have also had several requests to release the sheet music score and parts so you can perform this powerful song at your own concerts. 


Well, I am very pleased to inform you that The Light has been published and you can now perform this song with your own choir, string and brass ensemble and rhythm section. 

We have included the following in this publication: 

Choir score and parts 
Sopranos, Altos, Tenor and Baritone. 

Full score and parts 
String ensemble for Violins, Violas, Cello and Double Bass. 

Rhythm Section 
2 electric guitar parts 
1 acoustic guitar 
1 electric bass guitar 
Traps Set 

This production is suited for High School, University, Symphonies and church worship groups. 

Speaking from past performances of this song, we continually receive accolades, which always mention that this song leaves you with a feeling of inspiration and hope.

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